Digital design done right!
I design digital experiences. I have done so for more than 15 years. Always with a strong focus on revenue, conversion and engagement. I'm based in Skanderborg, Denmark. 
I believe in the importance of pen and paper to reach innovative and beautiful designs. Only then can I design valuable, meaningful digital products & experiences that are as easy on the eyes as they are to use. You know – those designs where decisions are based on user needs and business intention.
Via Mindlab I can be hired to do design tasks, preferably the most difficult and complex ones where my brain is working overtime.
White Hat UX  -  Co-author
Immensely proud of my new book about the next generation in user experience. Done in great cooperation with Martin Michael Frederiksen and Trine Falbe
Mindlab  -  Head of Design  -  Co-founder
We design and develop digital platforms, tools, applications, campaigns, and services. In short – beautiful, handcrafted digital experiences.  
Ka-ching  -  Head of Design  -  Partner
It’s all about Point of Sale. Oh yes - we’re dedicated to designing and developing our approach to a smarter, faster, and easier to use Point of Sale system. 
Read the case story or visit the website for more information
Hackavoid  -  Head of Design  -  Partner
A fresh, new take on web security. Soon to be revealed.
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