A bit about me
I am a Danish-based digital designer working at the intersection of digital product design and visual identity. I have over 15 years of experience helping companies channel ideas and concepts into digital experiences.
Back in the day, many drawings were my gateway to the creative industry. I hooked up with Ogilvy Denmark, and down the road, I became an Art Director.  
I believe in the importance of pen and paper in creating innovative and beautiful designs. Only then can I design valuable, meaningful digital products and experiences that are as easy on the eyes as they are to use - you know, those designs where we base decisions on user needs and business intention.
Hire me to do digital design tasks, preferably the most difficult and complex ones where my brain works overtime.
Want to talk about your next project? I'm all ears! Give me a call at +45 28 199 123 or send me an email.
What I do
I craft user interfaces (UI) - from early wireframes through prototypes to finalised designs. Through a strong focus on user experience (UX), I strive to achieve the perfect fit between the beautiful and the functional.
Apps - touch- or desktop-based
I design engaging app experiences for all your touch-based devices - or desktop-based apps if that is your preferred platform.
Interfaces that convert, tell the story and bring your brand to life.  
Visual Identity
What you need to put your best face forward usually involves elements like logos, typography, colour palettes, photography, iconography, illustration, motion, and more.
Other engagements
My second book. Even prouder. It’s about making ethical decisions to influence positive change and help businesses grow sustainably. Once again, it was a joint effort by the great team of Martin Michael Frederiksen and Trine Falbe

White Hat UX  -  Co-author
Immensely proud of my first book about the next generation in user experience. I did it in excellent cooperation with​​​​​​​ Martin Michael Frederiksen and Trine Falbe
Read the case story, or go right ahead and get your copy at the Smashing Magazine bookstore.​​​​​​​
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