Infomedia A/S is the leading Danish provider of media intelligence, i.e. media search, media monitoring and media analysis. They offer news and business information and their suite of web apps called "Insight" increase the media intelligence of their clients and help them make the right decisions every day.
It was time for a new approach aimed at the core service of their apps - fast retrieval of relevant mentions.
The "Insight"-suite contains 7 web apps. In terms of design language and navigational patterns they had very little in common. So we pretty much started with a blank piece of paper. Awesome! 
After numerous workshops, focus groups and design iterations in close co-operation with the internal team at Infomedia we came up with a powerful yet intuitive user interface. 
I helped Infomedia with:
•  Information Architecture
•  User Flow
•  Wireframing and Prototyping
•  UI/UX Design
•  Design System

Stop by to learn more. Their Insight web application suite is only available with a paid subscription.

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