The Ethical Design Handbook!
Ya! My second book. 
It has been an exciting and challenging book to write. We set out to develop a new working framework to empower people to practice ethical design in their business, on their teams, and with their products.
It's written for everyone in the digital industry, regardless of their role. Our focus is on ethical design from business, management, and design and development perspectives.
Bonus pater familias is a term from Roman law. It means good family man or reasonable man. In a lawsuit, ask yourself, "What would a good family man do?" This is a good standard for reasonableness. When designing future digital platforms, we should ask ourselves the same question. When we collect data on a user, are we collecting what we need or everything we can get our hands on?
For all of us working with digital platforms, it’s a good idea to rethink how we approach projects.
Working with ethical design is a lot like navigating inside a labyrinth:
-  There is more than one route to the end goal.
-  It takes a great deal of logical sense.
- Sometimes, you end up in a blind alley and must find another path to move forward.
The Ethical Design Handbook helps you get through the labyrinth. It is an introduction to the toolbox of ethics.
Like my other book, White Hat UX, I proudly collaborated with Trine Falbe and Martin Michael Frederiksen.
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