Goal Station - the ultimate training system
Goal Station is a data-driven football app that helps you track your development as a player. It measures progress over time, allowing players and coaches to plan tailored training sessions. In short, Goal Station is your number one digital football training companion.
The task
Craft a clean and intuitive user interface that lets players and coaches fully engage in the training session without unnecessary distractions from buttons or features.
Goal Station is revolutionizing football tracking with its data-driven app designed to help players monitor and enhance their performance.
My role
•  Information Architecture
•  User Flow
•  Wireframing
•  Prototyping
•  Design System Guidelines
•  Iconography
•  UI/UX Design
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The Goal Station training methodology
76% of all actions on the pitch 
evolve around three essential skills. 
First touch, first pass and short pass. 
Of course, the app comes preloaded with drills targeting these skills, so you can immediately improve your game.
​​​​​​​The stats are in...
Understanding statistics is crucial. By analyzing statistics, players can gain valuable insights into their performance and make adjustments to enhance their overall game. 
Statistics provide tangible evidence of a player's strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to focus on targeted areas for growth and ultimately improve as a player.
The layout of all drills follows the same simple set of rules. 
 1. A distinctive category colour
2. An explanatory drill icon
3. An easy-to-understand drill name
Controlling external hardware
At the core of the Goal Station app lies the capability to interact with external hardware, such as lights and rebounders
A blazing-fast interface
Large tapable cards and finger-friendly buttons. The intuitive and straightforward interface enables players and trainers to get the job done quickly.
Simplifying the complicated
Focusing on the interface's most critical task is always a good idea. In this case, we add players and drills to set up a new training session.
We also have a range of other on-screen features available, but they are intentionally less prominent. 
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