Ka-ching! Omnichannel POS. Done right!
Ka-ching is a Point of Sale system that connects e-commerce and physical retail in new and exciting ways. It creates new shopping experiences and better customer journeys. The result is higher conversion rates. And happier employees.
The task
Your ordinary POS has too many buttons, and it's a pain to use. I'm on a mission to change that. Together with the other Ka-chingers, I have set out to make the world's most well designed and easy-to-use POS. 
Ka-ching is the perfect solution to omnichannel retail and for all those who want to give customers an ideal shopping experience in the store.
My role
​​​​​​​•  Information Architecture
•  User Flow
•  Wireframing
•  Prototyping
•  Visuel Identity and Assets
•  Brand Guidelines
•  Design System Guidelines
•  Iconograhy
•  UI/UX Design
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Bold and vibrant colours
The brand colours of Ka-ching is nothing like your ordinary Point of Sale system. They are both joyful and unexpected. The palette helps Ka-ching stand out from a more conservative design landscape.
We have a typeface winner
Roboto Slab is a free, open-source slab serif typeface developed by Google. It features friendly and open curves which make for a natural reading rhythm. Its mechanical skeleton and geometric shapes add character to the brand.  
And a well-deserved second place
Numbers are of compelling importance. They need to stand out. Let me introduce Roboto Mono. Now price tags are more readable than ever.
The birth of a logo
The concept of the new logo is to be able to handle multiple screens and payments. 
App icon packed with identity
This is where app and logo must overlap. We simplified the logo for the app icon just enough to maintain and empower Ka-ching's brand identity.
Icons for every occasion
The primary purpose of icons is to provide clarity. Therefore they should be easy to find, understand and use. And finally...whenever possible, we used text labels to improve icon usability. 
Speedy Gonzales
A large gallery and finger-friendly buttons. The intuitive and straightforward interface enables the store associates to get the job done in no time.
Extra tools at your fingertips
All store associates have access to an extra menu. It contains a flexible set of tools of great importance to the store associate.
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