Customer self-service at your service
Their name is a promise to all their customers: NEM Forsikring (Easy Insurance). They want to make it easy and straightforward for you to be an insurance customer. 
They have more than 100 years of experience of being a more personal alternative to the larger insurance companies. And with great success.
The task
Nem Forsikring needed help with its new customer self-service portal, which is aimed at both new and existing customers. Handling insurance is, for the most part, not a top priority. We went mobile-first to radically change the way you buy insurance. We worked hard to achieve a straightforward, intuitive interface with a personal touch.
We went mobile-first to change the way you buy insurance radically.
My role
•  Prototyping
•  Visual Identity and Assets

•  Iconography
•  UI/UX Design
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Calm and accommodating
From the very start, we defined the new self-service portal as a tool to get the job done. One of our goals was to remove all disturbing elements, and the colours used needed to reflect that. 
Legibility is king
As always, we paid close attention to the typeface's legibility. Too often, legibility is overlooked when designing interfaces. Our typeface of choice ended up being Source Sans Pro, an open-source, sans-serif typeface released through Google. Luckily, it's intended to work well in user interfaces.
I'm done! 
We design progress bars to motivate people. In this case, the number of steps may vary depending on previous choices, so we had to skip the usual numbering of steps. However, the sense of completion is still very much present. 
At your service
Nearly all insurance policies come with some deductible. It is a challenging concept for numerous customers to grasp. 
We added small help texts to the interface - always in context. We accompanied the most prominent ones with avatars - Mr and Mrs Helperson.
Product icons with personality
We designed a range of product icons to showcase the different areas of insurance. They all have a more playful, friendly and personal touch. 
Simplicity always wins
We made sure to ask only the questions we needed to grant the customer a quote. Furthermore, we decided to present only one question in combination with possible answers per screen. We all know how difficult multitasking can be. And, of course, everything is finger-friendly. 
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