Shaping sound. Shaping e-commerce.
Podspeakers sculptural curves are a testament to an experimental and imaginative take on design, a desire to break with tradition and create something new in the fields of aesthetics and audio. 
Regardless of their shape, the sublime sound quality and stylish design of your Podspeakers stimulate all your senses, bringing music to life. They help create atmospheric rooms that inspire and give joy.
The task
I received a pretty simple brief from the guys at Podspeakers. Create a webshop as beautiful and powerful as the speakers we want to sell. I made sure branding, typography, tone of voice, photography, and all the rest came together nicely.
The Podspeaker era - from square boxes to shaping sound. Launched almost 30 years ago and still, a true design icon recognised worldwide.
My role
​​​​​​​•  Information Architecture
•  User Flow
•  Wireframing
•  Prototyping
•  Iconograhy
•  UI/UX Design
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Sophisticated colours
Their revamped colour palette adds a dash of character and positive attitude. It is a welcoming change to a traditionally rather dark landscape.
New typeface
Podspeakers new primary typeface needed to be contemporary and elegant to go along with the brand values. We chose IBM Plex Serif - a free, open-source grotesque style typeface released through Google. 
The all-important product page
Pay great attention to your product page. Otherwise, a large proportion of users will be off to a terrible start. 
But the product page can be challenging to get right. It typically holds several elements ranging from images, videos, product information, different selectors, technical details, variants, related products, bundles, and more.
On top of this, it’s often on the product page where users make up their mind on purchasing the item or not. 
Splendid photography
Podspeakers is (oddly enough) about speakers. Therefore they hold a very prominent place in the interface - excellent product images and the galleries to match. Let the speakers shine!
Lost your way?
Now and then users can’t find what they are looking for. Top-level navigation, on-site search, and filtering are great tools to avoid this. 
Often overlooked, though, is the footer. For many users, it’s their last resort. Be sure to make your footer both informative and visually appealing.
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