SimpleUX. Testing on-the-go.
The idea behind SimpleUX is to offer an affordable UX moderated testing tool. One that is simple to use instead of overly complicated. One that only includes a select few features instead of thousands.
The task
Design a streamlined user interface that ensures test participants can concentrate on the task without being distracted by unnecessary buttons or features.
SimpleUX is a user-friendly tool for real-time UX moderated testing, providing valuable customer insights for data-informed design decisions. 
My role
•  Information Architecture
•  User Flow
•  Wireframing
•  Prototyping
•  Visual Identity and Assets
•  Brand Guidelines
•  Design System Guidelines
•  Iconography
•  UI/UX Design
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Simple product - simple colour palette
There are only three colours: black, white, and vibrant yellow. This simplicity helps ensure a complete focus on testing interfaces and user experiences. 
The all-important app icon
SimpleUX was initially created as an app, which influenced the design of the logo. Therefore, the app icon essentially designed itself.
In SimpleUX, we exclusively utilize icons to convey the message and evoke joy and recognition.
Informative content doesn't have to be dull
Adding some eye candy to information-packed content can make it more engaging without sacrificing its informative value.
Overview, overview, overview
The detailed test view is stripped of unnecessary information, ensuring a clear and minimal UI for the user.
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