Beautiful sound. Beautiful e-commerce.
A new wave in the history of Danish design. Warm Nordic brings back long forgotten iconic designs of furniture, lamps and accessories. Their designs encapsulate the Nordic spirit, which in its essence is timeless, inclusive and warm.
The task
Warm Nordic’s colourful and charming universe of furniture, lamps and accessories needed a home. Or more specifically, a shop. Beautiful products crave beautiful surroundings, after all.
The brief was to capture the all-embracing playful and welcoming idiom of Warm Nordic.
My role
​​​​​​​•  Information Architecture
•  User Flow
•  Wireframing
•  Prototyping
•  Iconograhy
•  UI/UX Design
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The most important page
The product page needed to be both inspiring and packed with information. That’s often the case - and the exact reason why product pages can be quite tricky. 
A helping hand
When it comes to on-site search, autocomplete is a true friend. Autocomplete typically offers suggestions that are a combination of a match to your search and a corresponding predictive suggestion.
Always remember to highlight the predictive portion to help users understand the distinction. It gives them less to read and underscores the differences between the autocomplete suggestions. 
Not your average grid view
We wanted the product grid view to present the various products in the best possible way.
Some products are tall, while others are wide. The grid view needs to accommodate that - allowing the products to display their full potential.

Inspiring galleries
At Warm Nordic, they are well aware that images speak louder than words. All product pages contain a gallery containing both images and videos.
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